Sunday, 21 December 2008

2008 summed up in 7 minutes

Riad recommends this sketch by Rory Bremner which brings together the main political stories of 2008 and raises more than a few chuckles....

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The sun is always shining for 'do-nothing' Dave....

Here at the Riad we are not exactly convinced the Conservatives are onto a vote winner by saying things like 'standards of living have to fall' as John Redwood has said. Hat-tip to Recess Monkey for providing us with these timely reminders that it is not just Gordon Brown who has a tin-ear....

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Gaffes aplenty

Poor old Nick Clegg. He really has had a dreadful week; first, he stared in his own musical on the BBC's Radio 4 called 'Cleggarella' which rather pushed home his anonymity in a comic way; at the end of the musical he is married off to a Cheeky Girl to boost his image. However, he need not have bothered because come the weekend and Clegg was splashed all over the Sunday papers as a Sunday Mirror journalist overheard him being rather critical of his frontbench Liberal Democrat colleagues.

This is the second time that Clegg has been caught in the act like this however, his is not the only red face. Comment Central has a list of some other infamous gaffes. John Major called his euro-skeptic members of Cabinet 'b******s' and threatened to 'crucify them'. Unsurprisingly, George W Bush features prominently in the list; in fact, the only thing that will be missed by the Riad about his presidency is his legendary ability to insert his foot into his mouth. In politics, careless talk can really cost careers if not lives....

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Some turkeys are luckier than others...

Thought you had seen the last of Sarah Palin?? Unfortunately, you would be wrong...Sarah Palin was a complete turkey for the Republicans (the Democrats even won a Senate seat in Alaska) but she is luckier than the ones behind her in this interview...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hang onto your doormats

Three residents in Revenge House, at The Anchorage, Gosport, Hants, have been told to remove the rubber-backed mats. Here at the Riad we recommend they replace them with the one pictured on the left.

Surveyors felt that the mats were a tripping risk and that if they were not removed then the tenants would be breaking the terms of their lease re; putting objects in communal areas. Luckily there is not a blanket ban but the council is threatening to write more letters asking for the mats removal. A council spokeswoman Brenda Brooker is quoted as saying:

"We, as a local authority and landlord, have a duty of care to all persons entering our communal areas.

These should be free from any hazards or obstructions, likely to cause health and safety issues or prevent evacuation of persons in a fire situation.

We would consider the health and safety risk that the particular problem presents and then would consider appropriate action, possibly involving legal action."

Friday, 14 November 2008

Flash Gordon....

Would you trust this man with your wallet.....?

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama's paper chase....

A big well done to Barack Obama. Here at the Riad we fully intend to grant you freedom of the Riad...interestingly your author was silly enough not to buy a newspaper to mark his historic victory but most people brought them like the proverbial hot cakes. The New York Times and The Washington Post put out special commemorative editions and when readers clamoured for more there just weren't enough to go around.

Copies were sold on eBay. Bids on eBay for The New York Times with its banner headline 'Obama' were up to $400 by early Wednesday evening. The Washington Post's 'Obama Makes History' edition was bid up to $41. Obama's hometown papers the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times were offered together on eBay at a snip of $50.
However, some people got rather ahead of optimistic seller offered immediate purchase of The Charlotte Observer of Charlotte, North Carolina, for $2,000.